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2018 Tournament Schedule

Date Tournament Tier
11/18/17 Tough Turkey Tournament 3
12/16/17 Frostbite Scramble 3
2/4 Super Bowl Tournament 3
3/17 Icebreaker Tournament 2
4/20-4/22 MGAMatch Play * *
4/21-4/22 LGA Match Play * *
5/18-5/20 Men’s Member-Member 1
6/8-6/10 Men’s/Ladies Club Championship (Champ) 1
6/9-6/10 Men’s/Ladies Club Championship 1
6/19-6/20 Men’s/Ladies Senior Club Championship *
7/4 Red, White & Blue Tournament 2
7/27-7/29 MGA Highlands Cup *
7/28 LGA Highlands Cup *
8/10-8/11 Ladies Member-Member  1
9/2 Par 3 Tourney  2
9/7-9/8 Ladies Member-Guest  1
9/13 Highlands-Massey Classic  *
9/21-9/23 Men’s Member-Guest Tournament 1
10/7 Couples Championship  *
10/27 Tournament Championship Skin’s Game
10/28 Tournament Championship

*Non-Points Event

Tournament Championship

As we enter the sixth year of the Tournament Championship points race, we continue to make improvements to bring you the best tournament experience possible. New to the 2017-2018 wrap around season will be a changing of tournament dates to better represent our members’ needs. Throughout the year, players will have many opportunities to accumulate points during tournaments in order to qualify for a year ending event, culminating with the crowning of the Player of the Year. Players can earn points by just participating in an event, and earn more by performing well. Whether it’s as an individual, a team, or in a flighted event, there are opportunities for players of all abilities to earn points. We hope this will serve as an exciting way to compete with your friends throughout the year, while rewarding those that play consistently as well as those that excel during tournaments.

The year ending Tournament Championship will consist of the 72 players that earned the most points during the tournament season. In the event that one of the top 72 cannot participate, the field will be shrunk by that number. If less than 60 of the top 72 can participate, we will contact #73 and others until we have a 60 player field.
At the conclusion of the Red, White, & Blue Tournament, the top ten points leaders will be invited to join our professionals for a day trip to a Virginia golf course. We will take care of the guest fees (dining is not included). This is a great way to get a preview of what the season ending trip will be like, as well as be rewarded for your play and participation midway through the tournament season.
Besides a chance to be the overall Tournament Champion, the Tournament Championship will be a celebration for those that have played well throughout the year. We will again host a team Skins Game on Saturday afternoon, October 27th. Twelve lucky members will be chosen via Facebook to compete in the Skins Game.This has quickly become a tradition like no other! The Tournament Championship itself will be held on Sunday, October 28th. These two events will be at no cost for all the players that have earned entry into the Tournament Championship.

The Tournament Championship will be broken into 4 flights. The first flight will consist of the top 12 points leaders playing in the event. Every player in this flight will have a mathematical chance to be the player of the year by accumulating the most points through the finish of the Tournament Championship. The other 3 flights will be broken evenly by the number of players remaining in the tournament. As far as the prize money is concerned, Flight 1 will have the largest purse, Flight 2 the second largest, Flight 3 the third largest, and Flight 4 the smallest.

In addition to the prize money, 6 players will receive invitations to an exclusive, all expenses paid golf trip with the golf professionals. The Player of The Year will automatically qualify for the trip as well as the four flight winners. (If the POY wins their flight, then the second place finisher will be invited, and so on.) The sixth and final spot will be the player with lowest net score of the players remaining in Flight 1 that hasn’t already qualified. If the POY cannot attend the trip, then the player with the second most points for the season will be invited, and so on. This enhancement rewards the players that have participated and performed the best throughout the year. If a flight winner cannot attend the trip, then the second place finisher and so on, within that flight, will be invited.

In case of a tie in points when determining flights, the tie breaking procedure that follows will go into effect:

  1. Head to Head match up in same tournaments played
  2. Average finish position in tournaments played
  3. Coin Flip

A weighted point distribution system will be in use. All points will be based on the player’s net finish. The gross finish will only be used when net isn’t applicable. All ties will split points. The tournaments are broken into 3 tiers, with the point distribution explained in sections below.

Congratulations 2017 Player of the Year:

Charlie Smith

Tier 1

1st in each flight 100
2nd in each flight 70
3rd in each flight 50
4th in each flight 40
*all other places 30

Men’s Member-Member – May 18th-20th

Time– Friday PM Shotgun, Saturday AM tee times, Sunday 9:00 Shotgun
Cost– TBD
Format– Two-person stroke play (4 separate formats + shootout) – 45 holes


Men’s/Ladies Club Championship (Champ Flight) – June 8th-10th

Time– Friday PM Qualifier, AM tee times Saturday and Sunday
Format– Stroke play qualifier – 18 holes, Individual match play- 45 holes


Men’s Club Championship – June 9th-10th

Time– AM tee times
Cost– $45.00
Format– Individual match play – 45 holes

Ladies Club Championship – June 9th-10th

Time– AM tee times
Cost– $45.00
Format– Individual match play – 45 holes


Ladies Member-Member – August 10th-11th

Time– Friday PM Shotgun, Saturday 8:30 Shotgun
Cost– TBD
Format– Two-person teams (9 hole scramble, 18 hole better ball) – 27 holes


Ladies Member-Guest – September 8th

Time– Friday PM Shotgun, Saturday 8:30 Shotgun
Cost– TBD
Format– Two-person teams (9 hole scramble, 18 hole better ball) – 27 holes


Men’s Member-Guest Tournament – September 21st – 23rd

Time – Friday PM Shotgun, Saturday AM Shotgun, Sunday AM Shotgun
Cost – TBD
Format – Two-person team better ball match play – 45 holes

Tier 2

1st in each flight 70
2nd in each flight 50
3rd in each flight 35
4th in each flight 28
*all other places 20

Icebreaker – March 17th

Time– 9:30 Shotgun
Cost– $45.00
Format– Two-person team play – 18 holes

Red, White & Blue Tournament – July 4th

Time– 8:30 Shotgun
Cost– $40.00
Format– Four-person team play – 18 holes

Par 3 Tourney – September 2nd

Time– 2:30 Shotgun
Cost– $45.00
Format– 2, 3, or 4 person team play – 18 holes

Tier 3

1st  50
2nd  40
3rd 35
4th 32
5th 30
6th 28
7th 26
8th 24
9th 22
10th 20

*All other places receive 15 points

Tough Turkey Tournament – November 18th (points earned towards 2018 points list)

Time– 9:00 Shotgun
Cost– $45.00
Format– Team play – 18 holes

Frostbite Scramble- December 16th (points earned towards 2018 points list)

Time– 10:00 Shotgun
Cost– $45.00
Format– Four-person team play, Cross Country Golf (pick your own team) – 18 holes

Super Bowl Tournament – February 4th

Time– 10:00
Cost– $40.00
Format– Big Team play – 18 holes

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